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If you have your own website already, why not extend your earning power by setting up affiliate programs with companies that would complement your own? The following list is by no means comprehensive .... and consists mainly of affiliate companies and partnership programs that clients or myself personally use and can recommend **, otherwise a brief note on the company is provided where available.

If you are new to partnerships, affiliations etc., and would like to know more about using content or advertising to enhance your website Click Here to read more, browse the affiliate networks listed below or jump straight to the US Affiliate Directory. Also browse the merchant services which contains information and links to e-payment, e-currency, e-commerce providers, some of whom run affiliate programs.

There are several types of referal link including plain text, html, banner image, iframe, flash and javascript. It is worth noting that iFrame cannot be seen by all browsers, Flash can make users browsers freeze and Javascript based advertisements do not always display. None of the latter can be easily included in banner rotation scripts and I have noticed that both the click through rate and the sales conversions are significantly lower than affiliate companies who provide basic text and/or graphic banners.

Recommended Affiliate Companies & Networks

Affiliate with Affordable Website Design **
Offer low cost pre-designed and custom web page and website templates, online site builder and hosting, template tuning or other services from your site and earn commission on each sale. Various referal link options are provided including text, graphics, individual product or catagory linking, customisable layouts and even pre-designed shop style templates that you can download and use to sell the products!

Affiliate Future UK **
Relatively new UK affiliate network company which provides UK pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale programs.

Affiliate Showcase **
Differs from the other networks by acting as an affiliate portal which lists a massive range of advertisers and advertising networks. Signing up for the free site enables the user to change existing links to their own on joined programs or sign up for new programs using the links provided. Commercial co-branded or branded options also available which provides further customization and the ability to add new programs.

Affiliate Window **
UK company with mainly UK merchants who provide a small commission per sale. Provides text links and java banner ads plus tracks sales / clicks. Regular newsletters keep affiliates up to date on latest offers, merchants, news and friendly, helpful company which pays in Pounds, Dollars and Euros.

Amazon **
One of the major internet shopping sites in the UK and part of with a huge range of goods available for online purchase, including CD's, Computer Games, Video's & Books, Household and Electrical Goods. There are a variety of referral link methods including text, graphic and iframe which can be customised to fit your site using the online wizard plus a variety of online shopping scripts and resources for more advanced developers. **
The original Amazon online internet retailer based in the USA with a huge range of goods available in various catagories including music, games, videos, books, clothing, toys, gifts, household and electrical goods often at reduced rates. There are a variety of referral link methods including text, graphic and iframe which can be customised to fit your site using the online wizard plus a variety of online shopping scripts and resources for more advanced developers.

CafePress **
Sign up and build an online shop and accept credit cards without a merchant account! This is a terrific idea - once registered you can upload your own custom designs, logos and music for addition to a wide range of products including baseball caps, calendars, t-shirts, mugs and more. They set a basic price and you add your own amount of commission for each product - add the link to your shop on your site and they do the rest! You can even bulk order your own branded products at base price to sell offline!

ClickBank **
This US companys merchants are mainly sole traders and small companies who offer a service or small product range, there are thousands of merchants for affiliates to choose from. The system is set up so that an affiliate may also sell their own products via the service and you are notified by email each time a sale is made. There are no banners or images, all referral links are text based although affiliates are allowed to use individual merchants product images. Commission structure varies depending on the vendor and payments are made by cheque.

Commission Junction **
Another US company which has major and small UK and US merchants on their network. All referal links including textual have a graphic link included and there is an online email box to receive merchants updates, plus good online stats and efficient support system. The downside with CJ is that although like the others it is free for affiliates to register, they charge a monthly fee to those who generate less than $25 after 3-6 months. Commission structure ranges from 1% to 50% depending on the merchant and various payment options are available including Direct Transfer to UK banks although International affiliates must print and post a form declaring non-liability for US tax.

Dating Central **
Excellent FREE photo ad dating service which also pays users commission on paid registrations... pretty amazing this.. the partner site is customisable to plugin seamlessly to your website, a wide variety of price bands are available and a range of 'networks' can be added. The affiliate site is fully featured with irc chat, discussion forums, events calendar, articles and news which can be updated using existing content and/or the users own content. The backend operation, payments and support are all dealt with by the supplier. This is a UK company but the dating network itself is worldwide with over 15000 members already!

GifArt **
If you are looking for over 500,000 royalty free clipart, animations, graphics, flash animations, name signatures, fonts, backgrounds, screensavers or interfaces for use in documents or on your personal or commercial website GifArt is the place to go. Purchase the CD or use their subscription based service to receive unlimited use of their graphics and access to their online image editor. Even a months subscription allows you to retain the use of downloaded graphics even if you choose not to re-subscribe! Their affiliate program allows websites to offer their products and services using text and banner links plus deep linking options to individual pages. Receive 25% commission on sales and 1% commission on sales made by webmasters who sign up under you.

FileSubmit **
Add free content to your site and earn money! Easy to customize sub-portal system which includes screensavers, desktop, ICQ and XP themes, winamp skins, outlook stationary, wallpapers, software downloads and a whole lot more for your visitors to download and use free of charge! Registration is free although members must download, complete and send in a form to receive commission.

Paid On Results **
UK affiliate network that contains companies who pay ongoing residual income for the length of the customer account life! Advertisers include some of my favourite services like domain registration company British NIC, Mr Pop Box, Web and Email Forwarding, Website Availability and Your Choice Budget Hosting. Chosen for their great services and support.

RegNow **
Aimed at software authors and downloadable products, this commerce platform provides you with an easy method of promoting and selling your wares and finding affiliates. Costs about 6 to set up your account. Registering as an affiliate is free and there are tons of products and services available ranging from audio software to business and finance systems, desktop enhancements, games, home, education, internet, multimedia, design applications, software development, utilities and web authoring programs, many of which have free demos. Commission structure varies from 5% to 30% plus depending on the merchant and payment options include PayPal, Wire Transfer and Cheque. There is even a php script that enables affiliates to search RegNow and display all your associate vendors products Click Here for details.

ShareaSale **
US marketing company for merchants and affiliates based in the US, UK, Canada and various other countries (websites must be in English). There are a wide range of small and major merchants using text, graphic banners and search boxes to choose from (deep linking and product linking options are in the pipeline) plus online stats and commission payment via PayPal or Cheque.

Tradedoubler TradeDoubler is a European company which accepts merchants and affiliates in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain and the United Kindgom. Commission payments are paid out in your countries currency. Merchants vary from the international majors to small businesses and online shops. Various referral link methods. Affiliates using domain re-directs to free hosts should note that the url used to register your site i.e., must be the adjusted to the full free host url e.g., or the tracking does not work correctly.

Xara **
An excellent web graphics software provider which has several sub-sites offering a range of products and services. Make your web pages stand out with Xara Online's state-of-the-art Web Service modules which enable users to design or manipulate pre-made graphics, text and photo effects, or advanced applications, all fully-customizable and on your site in minutes! Excellent for both beginner and advanced webmaster alike with modules like the Menu Maker, Fonts, Xara3D and Webstyle to create all the web graphics you need or Xara X vector graphic package the ultimate design tool for professional graphic designers. The affiliate program offers webmasters 20% commission on sales of their products.

More Affiliate Network Listings

Affiliate Fuel
Network for US merchants and sites which has stringent rules for application. Affiliates who wish to register must have sites that receive a minimum of 1,000 to 2,000 unique visitors a day, hosted on a US top level domain with qualified content and appealing to a niche targeted audience.

A UK orientated discussion forum where users can post and exchange information on the various affiliate networks and participating advertisers.

Affiliates UK
Features UK only Business Opportunity so you can develop and earn a residual income for life! If you live in the United Kingdom, are serious about developing your own business and are prepared to put in the work and effort to build real, long-term security for yourself and your family, start by taking a look at this brief presentation. Click Here.

A good website packed with affiliate tips, articles and resources on various aspects of affiliate marketing.

Speciality affiliate network with channels for arts, music, hobbies & interests, sports & recreation. The minimum site eligibility requirements include a minimum of 5000 page views a month, a clearly defined privacy policey and must not be hosted by free page/web services or offer free hosting services like Tripod. Timed rotation and auto refresh of their merchants advertisment is not allowed and if accepted the site owner must agree to post their demographics poll on their site.

Cibleclick International
European affiliate network providing pay per click, pay per double click, pay per lead and pay per sale and pay per impressions programs for webmasters and advertisers. Make money with your European traffic websites. Cible Click provides good affiliate support and affiliate fraud detection. UK, France, Germany. Voted best affiliation platform 2002.

Associate network with large range of mainly US merchants, some of whom offer free services or content for publishers.

UK, USA and Australian affiliate network company with a variety of merchants. Uses text, graphic, flash or custom html referal links. View online showcase for merchant listings.

Commission Monster
Australian pay per performance network with Australian programs and merchants.

Google Adsense
Earn money by placing google adwords on your site. These are cost per click so you receive a portion of the amount paid for clicks on AdWords ads on your website although Google does not guarantee revenues or disclose the exact revenue share.

Put a free newsfeed, expanded news or e-newsletter on your website and earn money each time it is viewed! Other syndication options also available.

Internet Marketing Dictionary & Directory
Beginners start your Internet marketing journey with our cross-referenced definitions and basic information. Experts start your Internet marketing research with our organized collection of only the best sites and articles

US network operating mainly US Pay per Click , Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead programs although do have a growing number of UK programs available.

US merchant network company which operates Pay Per Click, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead Programs. Mainly US programs with over 10 million partnerships in the network including some of the largest US retailers around.

This pay per click network provides various options for affiliates to earn up to 60% of the revenue paid by advertisers using their search technology and/or clicks on a bidded link.

Enhance your website with a search engine or content channels and earn commission. Some restrictions apply i.e., site owners must guarantee 80% of site visitors are US based and results cannot be displayed on the website.

US Affiliate network (flash site) which has merged with BeFree and Commission Junction. Contains both UK and US merchants in a wide range of catagories - free hosted sites are not accepted but site owners from various countries and languages are.

Affiliate network for US/Canadian residents only which requires publishers sites to receive minimum of 100 hits a day (3000 a month) to be eligible for approval.

I have no control whatsoever over payouts or reliability of the sites in the directory. This is purely an affilate program information resource.

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