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Free Online Website Design Tools

Designing or building your own website? Try these free online webmaster design tools to create static or dynamic navigation bars, buttons, tooltips, drop down menus, popup windows, css tags or IE Scrollbar Themes without knowing HTML or coding! Simply copy the code produced and paste it into your webpage where you wish it to appear!

Flash Generators . . .

Flash Navbar
Flash navigational bar generator. Several button styles to choose from, with more being added regularly.

Flash ToolTip
Flash-based content tooltips, triggered by JavaScript.

Flash Status Bar
Flash-based status bar, for content notes, triggered by JavaScript.

Flash Drop-Down
Floating, expandable drop-down menu.

Flash Topbar
Flash Topbar generator. Several button styles to choose from, with more being added regularly.

Graphic Generators . . .

Graphic Manipulators
Free online graphics creation and manipulation tools including heading makers, button generators, animated button makers, graphic menus, gif and jpg compression tools, site animation tools, banner and button makers.......

DHTML/CSS Generators . . .

CSS Navbar
CSS-based navigational bar generator. Extremely customizable.

Floating, expandable DHTML 'Dock Menu'.

DHTML content tooltips. 2 Content areas, customizable appearance.

JavaScript/CSS Coders . . .

Advanced Menu Generator
Create an advanced menu with rollover descriptions.

CSS Generator
Create Cascading Style Sheets with the click of a button.

CSS Coder
Quick tool for creating CSS tags for buttons, forms, and text.

Drop-Down Menu Generator
Create JavaScript drop-down menus.

Pop-Up Coder
Window pop-up coder. Select your window's options, and the JavaScript is created for you.

IE5.5 Scrollbars
Internet Explorer 5.5+ scrollbar theme coder.

Dynamic Menu Maker
Create menus with sub-menus and several options.

Frames Generator
Generate html framed pages quickly and easily.

HTML Creator
A free online code generator for building a webpage. Fill in the boxes, the script will create the code and open your page in a new window. Simply save this to your pc and upload it to your host!

Page Generator
Generate all of the HTML you wish by using the palettes surrounding the first large text area.

Optomisation & Promotion . . .

Optomisation Tools
Free online tools for optomising your website including metatag generators, meta analysers, keyword density analysers, link popularity checkers, search engine position reports and more!

General Miscellaneous . . .

Colour Changer
Click on a coloured button or change the values in the combo boxes and watch the background change. Handy for finding the hex or rgb codes for any colour.

RGB Colour Chooser
Allows the user to input rgb numbers then view the resulting color complete with the relating hexidecimal code.

Character Table
Ever have a hard time remembering the "&#xx;" codes to print out certain special characters? This page lists them all!

Font Maker
This neat little script generates html code for font instructions (size, font face, colour).

Link Maker
This linkmaker template/generator allows you to create a list of links without requiring any html knowledge.

Question & Answer Generator
Create a quiz for your website with this Q & A code generator.

Table Maker
Confused by tables? This online table maker requires no html knowledge. Choose your options and the script will display the table and the code which you can cut and paste into your webpage.

HTML Interface
This is a simple HTML-Interface that allows you to check the code (HTML or JavaScript).

HTML Scrambler
Hide your webpages html code from prying eyes by scrambling it with this free online encryption tool.

HTML Speed Page Generator
Create a basic webpage free online without coding or programming knowledge with this html speed page generator.

HTML Validator
Check your coding online using the html page validator or download the software for home testing.

Link Maker
Enables those who are unfamiliar with html to create the correct code for adding links to webpages.

Menu Bar Maker
Create site navigation menus with mouseover effects and popup descriptions with this free online menu generator.

Menu Tree Generator
Create neat and nifty collapsible menu navigation trees with sub menus for your website with this free cool online menu tree generator.

Message Generator
Use this handy free online tool to create messages that appear in the task / status bar of the users browser window.

Menu Bar Maker
Create site navigation menu bars with rollover descriptions with this free online menu generator.

Online Fax
Send a fax free online! Great if you don't have a fax machine or are between offices.

Password Protect
Protect your files and directories with this free online password generator.

Popup Coder
Generating the html code for window popups.

Robots Text Generator
Control who can spider your site and which directories they can access by using this robots text creator.

Scrollbar Themes
IE 5.5 scrollbar theme coder. Change the colour of your scrollbars to match your website by using this neat generator.

Server Software
Determines what operating system and web server that any web site is running.

Webmaster Services
Free remotely hosted scripts and services like guestbooks, counters, classifieds, forums, ecards, games, polls etc., requiring little or no understanding of html codes and programming.

Online Tools links
Easy A to Z descriptive listing of links to external sites providing more online tools for webmasters.

More free online Generators available in the Javascripts section.


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