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Free hosting companies and free webhost listing sites are provided below for convenience. A listing does not constitute recommendation and information is supplied on the service where available. Whilst I try to keep this accurate, the links lead to external sites which are not in my control and may change their terms/offers or remove the service at any time. Before registering with one of these services, check your isp package, most provide free webspace for their customers with the service. Read the article on free hosting or browse the Paid/Commercial Hosts and Co Branded Hosting listings.

Free Hosting Companies

Also known as ZeroCatch. Free webspace, displays banners on pages 100-250 Megs of free space, front page extensions, FTP, free games, free site tools, or partner and become your own webspace provider using their hardware and tech support.

0-Cost Hosts
Alphabetically listed free webspace providers with reviews plus detailed comparison charts of cheap webhosts and free web-based file storage services.

Lists and reviews free webspace providers that offer php scripting. Detailed chart of MySQL included plus PHP scripting environment details and links to sample hosted websites.

Free true domain hosting, 100 megs. 20mb daily bw limit (600 megs a month). Co-branded by 0catch but be sure to sign up under because they have better tools and services available, including a directory listing which provides a guaranteed external link to your site. Full FTP, Frontpage extensions, or browser upload. Uploaded pages can be edited online. Choice of pop-up ads or banner ads at top of each page

Free 100mb space, control panel, online unzip capability, unlimited bandwidth, ssi (dhtml), wap, asp 3.0, free database connectivity, ms access databases, macromedia shockwave support. No ftp, cgi, perl, php3, coldfusion or frontpage extensions.

free 2 page website with no advertising using templates and text. MP3 files are not supported but they do provide an image and audio library with files you can add to your site. You can have as many 2 page sites as you want but for more pages and less restrictions a monthly fee or 3 year subscription is available.

100 Best Free Webspace
Reviews and ratings of the 100 most recommended free web hosting companies, with searchable database.

100 Free
10mb free webspace, multiple directories, ftp access, unlimited bandwidth usage. Banner ads on member websites.
Free 100 megs webspace - this looks like a clone of 100 Free.

Build a website online free using online text based webpage builder and templates, includes free hosting and free dialup.

Free aspnet hosting with ftp, unlimited bandwidth. 100mb space, unlimited FTP access, Aspnet, the dotnet platform., c# and more, ASP, Microsoft Active Server Pages Scripting, Ms Access Database, Wap, wml - wireless markup language, PHP and scripting Perl for windows, FSO component- access, create, delete files on your folder.

Better known for their free remotely hosted scripts, they now offer free and paid hosting solutions. The free webspace includes ftp access with banners and popups on user pages.

Free web hosting and isp searchable guide and directories.

Bannerless Free Web Hosting for Individuals & Small Businesses. There is a hitch to this initially 'free' hosting - you have to purchase a domain from DotEasy - the front page states that domain registration starts at $18.00 but I couldn't find anything cheaper than $25 for one year only. Basic 'free' hosting includes 20mb space, 1000mb monthly transfer, pop/web email, forwarding, autoresponder, hitcounter, email form, network monitoring. Domain transfer is available starting from $35 but can be free if you refer 2 or more successful account applications.

Free hosting includes 20mb webspace, free customized domain names (several sub-domain to choose from), web-based file manager, ftp access, templates and other tools. No frontpage extensions, cgi/asp or java servlets allowed. Adverts are placed on free pages - banner free space available by upgrading to paid service.

Free web space provider. 100-250 Megs of free space, front page extensions, FTP, free games, free site tools (0Catch partner/reseller/clone site).

Free web hosting with 60mb storage, pop3 unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sites, ftp, web based file manager, domain and subdomain hosting. Software and MP3 files are allowed if you are the author. Main page states no banners or popups but faq indicates banners are placed on free hosted sites. (Frontpage extensions, php, perl, cgi, asp, jsp, mysql and access are not supported). Other options include domain registration, paid hosting and reseller hosting.

Free ad supported hosting and paid hosting packages. Free hosting includes 25mb web space, 3gb file transfer, ftp access only, web marketing tools, xara online web tools, free clipart, animations and online gif editor. no cgi or asp plus banner and popup ads on your pages.

Directory of free webspace providers with over 800+ hosts and co-branded hosts plus reviews, ratings and search facility.

Free searchable webspace directory of free hosting providers. Includes user reviews.

Free Center
Listing and links to free web space providers available on the internet.

50mb space, unlimited hits, unlimited bandwidth, guestbook, chat board, form email web page builder, templates, banners at bottom of page only.

Free hosting for personal or business use with no banner ads or popups, 100mb space, 500mb bandwidth, website builder, counters, statistics, form mailer, chat rooms, forums, guestbook, photo album, calendar, realtime editing, site promotion, password protection, dns and domain hosting. (No frontpage extensions) - some services like cgi, perl scripts, ftp access require payment. Asp, coldfusion, mysql, msaccess and php not available.

Free and commercial hosting packages. Free hosting includes 12mb web space, site builder tool, file manager. Banner ads displayed on free pages, 256k file size limit, no ftp.

Freeola & Get Dotted
Free isp (UK dialup with 1p min pay as you go local call rates), free sub-domain name with free hosting. Free hosting includes unlimited email addresses, forwarding, unlimited webspace, php, ssi, cgi, control panel and no ads or popups.

Free starter web hosting for users who register or transfer a domain name. Starter package contains 10mb disk space, 50mb data transfer, pop email, aliasing, statistics, ftp, control panel, auto responers, frontpage 2000 extenstions, password protected directories, ssi, cgi-bin, search engine submission, ssl secure server, 2 MySQL databases, php, perl, python, no banners.

Free SQL
Free database hosting for developers. Useful for people who want to experiment with building and designing MySQL databases without using their own server or worrying about loading, patching or admistrating it.
Searchable guide to free personal, business, non-profit, game and other free webspace providers. Use the search or view a complete list. Includes discussion forums.

Free Website Providers
Lists and reviews of 227 free web hosting servers, virtual hard drives (internet file storage, backup, exchange services or edrives) and webmaster resources.

Part of the Yahoo network, offers 15mb free webspace and free email account. Banners and popup windows on all sites, mail must be collected within 7 days or is deleted.

11mb ad free space, simple page maker, forum, guestbook, no databases, ftp, cgi, zip, exe or mp3 files allowed.

Provides 250 MB disk space, 6 GB monthly transfer, 3 MySQL databases, 5 add-on domains, 5 sub domains, ftp account, file manager (browser upload), php flags manager, automatic installer, web mail, pop email accounts, password protected folders, Php MyAdmin and VistaPanel on clustered servers.

Offers 800mb webspace if you sign up for their dial up internet access service - unfortunately its run by Tiscali - billing leaves a lot to be desired, wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Terms of service includes right to pass on your registration information to anyone without your consent.

Portland Communications
Free webhosting provider ideal for personal, family and test sites. No banners or popups, 15mb space, 100mb monthly bandwidth, stats. email forwarding, php & esp access, supports all domain names and subdomains. Commercial and Co-branded packages also available.

Unlimited Geneology Freepages available at RootsWeb. Accounts include ftp, web space for personal, county, state, world project, genealogical/historical society accounts for USGenWeb, WorldGenWeb, or Genealogical/Historical Society sites. No photo galleries, mp3s, cgi, music files etc., Banners displayed on free pages. Supported by

Unlimited space, up to 5gb transfer, cgi-bin, php, mysql database support, user forums and chat support. Users automatically given 20mb space on sign up and then can get extra features using the online forms. Banners/popups placed on free pages.

Stag Hosting
Free website hosting with 100mb space, 2 gb bandwidth, php, mysql, ftp, control panel, php3, autoresponders, forwarding, javascript, perl, ssi, statistics, password protection, phpmyadmin, domain aliases and frontpage extensions on request. User forums. This appears to host adult sites so not advisable for family friendly sites.

Web based services including webpage, 30bm file storage, planner, email and bookmarks.

150mb space with your own sub-domain, guestbook, messageboard, form mail, easy page builder, site submission. browser upload. Banners displayed on free pages, can upgrade to remove. User forums.

Free hosting with 50mb space, Frontpage or PHP, guestbook, counters, stats, customisable error pages. This used to be a really good free host, sadly the addition of an advertising frame AND two popup banners on all pages makes the hosting excruciatingly slow to load, packed with errors and virtually impossible to navigate ;-(
Free 50mb webspace with ftp access and no banner ads or popups on your pages, the downside? ...... once your site starts to get popular it is replaced (sometimes for days) with an explicit adult content site or adult search engine. Also no cgi, asp or database support. Not suitable for inexperienced webmasters or family friendly site.

Free 2 page business website with no banner ads and no html programming knowledge required.

Directory guide and searchable database of 500+ free website providers with reviews of cheap webhosting providers and useful webhosting tools.

WebSiteManager Cafe
Create and host a professional website and/or your own e-commerce store. Free service by Choose a template and use their online software to add and edit pages. Co-branding also available.

Wii Net Community
Free personal website hosting including unlimited email/web mail addresses with your sub domain, control panel, website templates, , and to top it off, you get a sub-domain of Wii Net!

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