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Affordable Website Design Hosting FAQ

This hosting FAQ is for clients who have used AWD design services but maintain their own websites and anyone considering using Affordable Website Design hosting service. Initital set-up of your account is provided and the following information should answer any queries you may have but clients are advised to read the Hosting Terms Of Service and are welcome to contact me with any queries.

Please Note: This hosting FAQ does not apply to customers using Site Builder, for which there is a separate Help Center.

I just want hosting - can I sign up?
Affordable Website Design hosting service is ONLY available for people who use AWD design and maintenance services. If you want to design your own site or use pre-made templates try the SiteBuilder & Hosting service or browse the links to recommended Commercial Hosting Providers and Free Hosts.

Can I renew my hosting?
Yes. Affordable Website Design clients will be sent a reminder notice when their hosting is due for renewal, you may choose to remain hosted with Affordable Website Design or transfer to another host at any time.

What nameservers do I have to use at my domain registrar to point at your servers?
If Affordable Website Design has purchased the domain on your behalf, the nameservers will be automatically set up for you free of charge, otherwise the details will be provided to you either during our consultation or on request. I can also make the changes at your domain register if required.

What Versions/Extensions are available?
You can view the versions available via PHPinfo.

How do I login to CPanel?
Type http://yourdomainname:2082 or http://yourdomain/cpanel into the address bar of your browser window. When the Login pops up enter your username and password into the relevent boxes then click OK.

How do upload my files?
You can either upload your site via the CPanel web based file upload facility or by using an FTP program or a web publishing facility within an editing program like FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

How do I login to FTP?
Open your ftp program and type in into the hostname box. Port setting 21. User name and password are the same as the CPanel. Alternatively, ftp://username:password@ftphost

Which folder do I upload my files to?
Files for public access (your website) should be uploaded to the public_html directory. Files and directories outside the public_html directory are not accessible to the public. The www directory is just a link to the public_html directory.

How do I set up my email?
Login to your CPanel and go to 'Email' - next to the default email name there is an automatic email configuration link. Click on this and follow the instructions.

What settings do I need to send and receive messages from my POP 3 email account?
Incoming mail server (POP3):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Username: The full email address i.e. If your email program doesn't support '@', you can replace it with a '+'

Where can I find CPanel documentation
The most up to date version of the Cpanel manual is available online at their website. View CPanel Documentation

My files/pages have disappeared - can you help?
If you are using Affordable Website Design maintenance service, your files will be backed up regularly, which means that your site can be re-uploaded to your webspace at any time. All Affordable Website Design clients receive a copy of their site on CD but are advised to back up their data/pages regularly in case of loss. I am unable to restore pages created by clients who maintain their own sites unless a prior back up has been requested.

Do you charge for transferring away from your hosting service?
No. Although I do charge a fee if you want me to move/upload the files to an external host for you.

How do I transfer my domain to a new host?
Go to your domain registration company and change the namesever settings to those provided to you by the new hosting company. If Affordable Website Design have purchase a domain name on your behalf, the registration company and all details will be provided to you on site completion and payment.

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