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Free Scripts

Display dynamically changing content without having to update a thing..... just by inserting a piece of code into your webpage! Most are easy to cut and paste into your website to create a dynamic feel. I can find and implement most types of free javascripts and java applets seamlessly into your existing website, pre-designed template or integrate scripts into a custom design. Browse this site and my Design Gallery for examples or use the free online javascript tools listed below.

Free JavaScripts

Complete Script List
Here you will find the complete list of scripts which are updated weekly with new additions.

Background Effects
Dynamic Background Image, Dynamic Background Color, etc.

Date and Time
Title Bar Date Display, Date Last Modified Display, Status Date/Time Display, etc. Background Effects

Form Elements
CSS Text Field Wizard, Grab Form Field Text, Button Navigation Wizard, etc.

Javascript Generators
Scrollbar Color Wizard, CSS links Wizard, Dynamic Scrollbar Color Wizard, etc.

No-Right-Click, View Source, Print This Page, Window Maximizer, Mailto link, etc.

Mouse Tricks
Dynamic Table Color, Dynamic Scrollbar Colors, Dynamic Background Color, etc.

Random Items
Random Text Display, Random Image Display, Random Banner Display, etc.

Re-direction Scripts
Screen Resolution Redirect, meta Refresh, Browser Type Redirection, etc.

Scrollbars, Title Bars and Status Bars
Dynamic Scrollbar Colors, Scollbar Color Wizard, Title Bar Date Display...

User Information Display
Screen Resolution Display, Color Depth Display, Browser Info Display, etc.

Top 10 Javascripts
Browse the top 10 list (provided by

Windows and Frames
PopUp Making Wizard, Hidden Popup Spawner, Auto Window Resizer, etc.

Javascript Links
Listing of websites with free javascripts, javascript tutorials, discussion and online javascript generators.

More free online Code Generators are listed in the Tools Index

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