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Website Marketing & Promotion

To ensure your website can be found by the internet community, it needs to be visible to search engines and advertised in the right places.

How you intend to promote your website should be considered even before the design stage and this is another aspect of my custom design service which is automatically included to save you time and money and avoids the necessity of hiring seperate search engine optomisation services.

Let my research and marketing experience help you to increase awareness of your creative talent, business or product! Advice and assistance on all aspects of your website ensures that you get the most from your online services, including increasing sales and visitors, implementing online shopping, and building your business online.

This all-in-one custom website design solution is perfect for singers, musicians, bands, entertainers, artists and individuals who are considering or have just started a small home business.

Affordable Website Design services are also suitable for established companies with existing trademarks, logos or in-house marketing personnel, who require independent consultancy, training and/or translation of their brochure/services into a format suitable for the internet without compromising on company goals or quality of design.

Even personal homepages need to have some form of identity. This may be a catchy name, logo, saying or image which can also be included on your personal or company business cards, stationary, flyers, posters and merchandise to advertise your website. Wether you have an existing identity or need help to find one, I can help with concept suggestions, design static or animated logos, buttons or banners for stationary and website use plus flyers and gig date sheets complete with fan or customer mailshot inclusion request.

Before starting to design your website, various sites and companies including competitors and related products/services which may be of interest to your potential clients are researched. This information is bookmarked along with links to dedicated themed search engines, directories and resources for later review/follow up. Popular keywords and search terms relevent to your site are noted and coded into your website pages metatags, content and navigation to ensure they are search engine friendly. This optomisation also helps the ranking of their site and aids in users finding the site.

Search Engine Submission
Once your website is online, the address and details containing relevent keywords will be hand submitted to the major free search engines and relevent directories as part of the service! I have no control over fees charged by pay-for-click or pay-for-listing services like Inktomi which are set by the company. Whilst I am happy to advise and submit your site to these services, you will be responsible for any and all fees charged by the company plus a small fee for my time. I am happy to teach you or a member of staff how to source, write and submit your site to these services, alternatively ongoing submission can be negotiated if required.

I am also happy to train you or a member of staff in keyword optomisation, website maintenance and maintaining your online presence so you don't have to pay ongoing fees! I have also provided a collection of useful optomisation tools, free online for anyone wanting to go the DIY route.

Browse a range of working website designs in the Design Gallery or read Testimonials from clients.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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