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Merchandising & Merchant Services
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Normally you must be granted Merchant Status by a major bank and obtain a Merchant ID from them to be allowed to accept credit cards. You will have to satisfy the bank that you are worthy of their trust by supplying audited accounts, a sound business track record or an extensive business plan before receiving approval.

Once your merchant account has been setup, this usually only entitles you to accept card payments in your 'traditional business' and costs to the bank like set-up charges, monthly or annual fees, credit card terminal, dedicated telephone line are all charged at varying rates and the bank also takes a percentage of each transaction. These ongoing expenses need to be taken into account, along with any restrictions that may be incurred which could include a minimum monthly volume of business or bond / deposit for added security.

Most aquiring banks will not accept information via the internet except from a web site which has been processed by an approved Payment Service Provider (PSP) so larger companies are advised to check all fees, charges and restrictions before deciding on a provider for their merchant account.

This can be a long-winded and expensive process for someone just starting a new business venture and in fact may be unnecessary as any website can be enabled for e-commerce by using a few lines of code or adding a fully fledged shopping cart. The capability to send and receive payments over the internet is relatively easy, even the process of setting up a merchant account can now be achieved online!

If you are considering using your website to suppliment your retail sales, or want to sell your products and services online, browse the merchant services below or take a look at the range of Affiliate / Partner / Merchant Networks. It is worth noting that your existing bank may offer merchant services, ask at your local branch for details.

Please note: Companies I personally use and can recommend are indicated with asterisks **. I can also implement these on your website if required... for examples view the Design Gallery. A listing of independent shopping cart suppliers will be provided as soon as time permits.

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Recommended Merchant Services

Ikobo **
Provides e-currency and merchant payment services. Use your credit or debit card to send and recieve money online without revealing your credit card details. All iKobo users may withdraw their funds from their iKobo “i-Kard” ATM/Debit Card. Over 800,000 ATM’s in 170 countries accept the I-Kard. Ensure that you withdraw funds from an ATM that accepts Visa or PLUS cards, send money from 240 countries to 170 receiving countries. It is one of the most comprehensive money transfer networks in the world. No set up or monthly fees.

MoneyBookers **
Provides similar service to 'PayPal' and 'Nochex' including the ability to send and receive money via email, shopping without revealing details and international merchant services and they even pay members for referring new customers!

Nochex **
UK online credit card service that allows individuals and businesses to use and accept credit card payments without divulging their details. Registration is free and the company takes a small commission on transactions. Uses safe secure servers and provides link code, banners and shopping cart integration.

PayPal **
One of the most familiar credit card services on the net, PayPal is a US company which allows users in various countries including the UK to send and receive monies via the internet without divulging their credit card details. Free to register and qualifying users receive $5.00 for joining! Uses safe secure servers and provides link code, banners and shopping cart integration. Never had a problem with the company personally but suggest visiting the following Site before making a decision.

UK & Ireland Merchant Services

American Express UK
Learn how to use and accept American Express online. Set up your merchant account or read about the online merchant services, using terminals to complete transactions, fraud, chargebacks and a range of other frequently asked questions.

Association for Payment Clearing Services
APACS is the UK trade association of banks and building societies. The site provides information and facts about UK money transmission, payments and clearings.

Popular UK and international automated clearing house with various services available for businesses including BACSTEL-IP payment and collection solutions produced by Bottomline Technologies Europe, Direct Credit
A service that enables payments by electronic transfer directly into bank or building society accounts and Direct Debit which offers a simple, safe and speedy way to pay regular bills and subscriptions automatically.

Bank of Ireland Merchant Services
Uses EuroConex, a joint venture owned by them and Nova Corporation. EuroConex can process and settle credit card transactions in a wide range of currencies including Sterling, Euro and US Dollars plus call centre and server based card payment solutions.

Barclaycard Merchant Services
Accept payments online with Barclaycard. Site includes online access to everything you might need to know about accepting credit card transactions including how to process transactions, combat fraud, chargebacks and retrievals. Please note that although they state that you could be trading on the internet in just 48 hours, this timeframe may differ if you do not currently have an existing business account.

Online bill payment service for debit card holders provided by Alliance & Leicester. Allows business and personal customers to make online bill payments free of charge.

BAC's approved European payment gateway for online credit card transactions in over 150 currencies.

Card Watch
The UK banking industry's body that works with police, retailers and organisation including Crimestoppers to fight plastic card crime.

Full service payment processing company offering a variety of payment solutions.

Payment processing services located in UK Channel Island of Guernsey offering managed onshore or offshore solutions including processing clients Credit and Debit Card transactions.

Cashbacs International Limited
Commercial bureau authorised to authorised to process transactions on behalf of third-party organisations.

Crest Clearing and Settlement System
Provides real-time settlement for a comprehensive range of UK and international shares, UK government bonds and other corporate securities.

UK market leader in outsourced real-time online processing and fraud screening of Credit Cards and Debit Cards + Paperless Direct Debit & Direct Credit. DataCash is suitable for merchants transacting through the Internet, call centres, iDTV, m-commerce and high street point of sale (POS) terminals.

Electronic Payments Website
Online UK payment comparison tool offering information about ecommerce and electronic payment services including PSP, credit cards, secure transactions and merchant accounts.

Take credit card payments online, provided by BarcleyCard Business

FSB Merchant Services
A new card acquisition package for all Federation of Small Businesses members has been negotiated with Streamline Merchant Service, the card payment processing function of The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Fundamentum Ltd
Providers of iLAPS (Internet Loan Application Processing System) for financial institutions

HSBC ePayments
Payment gateway solution provider AND your acquiring bank, meaning you only get one set of fees.

LINK Interchange Network Ltd
Cash Machine Network with over 41,000 ATMs connected. Includes an ATM locator.

Allows any Web site to start taking payments On-line with Credit and Debit cards

Independent payment provider which is unconnected to any banks. Provides fully secure realtime credit/debit transaction processing for online sales at cost effective rates.

Send and receive money by email in GBP, US Dollars or Euro's with one account. (Webmistress Note: This site is listed in several places as legitimate but they do not provide ANY company details other than an email address. Frankly I wouldn't risk my money with any 'payment processor' who failed to provide an existing Head Office mailing address which could be fully checked with a recognised financial body.

Secure online payment processing for small businesses and corporate companies.

Secure, online, real-time payment service provider, supporting all major credit and debit cards with the (major) UK acquiring banks for Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Delta, JCB, American Express and Diners Club.

Online card processing with free vitrual terminal and shopping basket tools which works with all major UK bank merchant accounts. Can be integrated with your own shopping cart. Also provides Secure order capture service for offline processing.

Process all major credit and debit cards in multiple currencies from internet, mail and telephone order transactions. Seamless products and API integration plus secure payment page hosting if required.

Providing payment clearing details for banks and financial institutions participating in UK clearing systems. Search by bank name and branch, sort code or CHAPS, Euro and BIC code. [Subscription Service]

Total Web Solutions
Hosting provider who offers an integrated ecommerce solution with 3 UK banks.

Web Merchant
Internet based merchant account which enables you to take credit card payments in both your business and on your website. Major UK Bank provides the merchant ID and they use the latest technology to link your website to the credit card networks via a bank approved Internet Payment Gateway.

Wide range of payment options include credit and debit card, direct debit, bank transfer, invoicing, cash in advance and Click2Pay an alternative internet based payment solution.

Specialist billing and CRM service for digital interactive revenues. Enables pay-per-click and subscription payments for digital content and services, purchased and consumed online or via mobile devices. They also manage all registrations, post paid payment collection from credit/debit cards and mobile phones, and customer support.

United State's Merchant Services

1st American Card - CreditCardCommerce
Internet merchant account and secure payment gateway for companies who have an existing bank issued merchant account containing your business name on Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cardholder statements. Gateway connects you to your account allowing you to process real-time transactions at your website. No set up fee, credit card or debit/atm application fee required, includes free secured order form and ShoppingCart.

Card Pro
Internet merchant accounts and payment gateway offering a variety of services including credit card processing, electronic check processing fraud scrubbing, customised payment verificaton, payment gateway, shopping cart, batch processing and authorization processing. High risk accounts accepted.
Sign up an apply to accept credit cards with Charge Cardservice. Services include shopping cart, internet check software and search engine submission with no application or set up fees. All business types are welcome, including internet websites, mail and phone order companies, retail stores, service companies, professional offices, restaurants, hotels and merchants with wireless needs.

An account based payment system that empowers people to use gold, silver, platinum or palladium as money. Specifically, the e-gold payment system enables people to spend specified weights of gold to other e-gold accounts.

Electronic Processing
Provides credit card processing solutions and merchant accounts plus discount rates and program packages. Free application

Offshore company that holds all incoming funds in an offshore account. There is an extensive FAQ available but the site is not particularly user friendly. There appear to be several options for funding your account, monies are changed into evo's for trading and there is an ATM card available.

Fast Merchant Account
Apply online for a merchant account. No application or set up fees, free terminal, hosting and shopping cart. Accept credit cards. USA businesses only and credit check required. Various rates apply.

Total Merchant Services
Offers a comprehensive line of payment solutions including credit card acceptance, debit cards and check acceptance for all types of business including internet, mail and telephone order businesses.

Online store for worldwide software developers. You retain a significant portion of the sales of your products. The standard amount we retain from the product sale, is below average for our industry, and unlike other stores, we have no application, setup or monthly fees. In addition to turnkey product display and sales, we offer expanded services that help you to enhance the e-commerce sales of your products on our store. Expanded service includes custom product display and sales pages, CD ROM duplication and fulfillment, outsourced technical support, electronic downloading services, shopping cart support and more.

International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs
Is an organization that champions the home-business lifestyle and provides its members with a multitude of resources designed to achieve maximum home-business success. They are not an affiliate company (although SFI members can earn commission by recommending them). I've including the listing here for those who are interested in starting or running a home business using the internet/website who are seeking advice, information and resources.

U.S. and International merchant account packages which enables retailers, internet, home based or any type of business to accept credit cards and other electronic payment methods.

RJ Delzio Del West
Merchant accounts, accept credit cards and cheques over the internet.

Signature Card
Provides merchant accounts that gives merchants the ability to process credit card transactions wether it is in person, by mail or via the internet.

Online payment system similar to PayPal/Nochex which allows registered members to send and receive funds over the internet without revealing their bank/credit card details. Various funding options available

Canadian Merchants

RJ Delzio Del West
Merchant accounts, accept credit cards and cheques over the internet.

Internet Secure
Payment gateway, merchant accounts, credit card processing for merchants protected with Verified by Visa, no software plugins required.

Worldwide / Global Merchants

Business America
Provides services for International and Canadian business requiring U.S. merchant accounts plus offshore merchant accounts for high risk merchants, virtual office and alternatives to credit card acceptance like bank drafting and ACH.

Payment gateway service provider with INIpay electronic payment services, online shopping malls, back office and range of payment methods. Site available in Korean and English.

MultiCards® Internet Billing
A provider of turnkey global secure payment solutions to thousands of vendors worldwide with or without a credit card merchant account open for vendors worldwide. They state that they accept almost any Internet Business within 48-72 hours.

connects merchants who want to reach a global consumer with customers who want or need the ability to pay for goods or services without a credit card.

Valis Int.
United States business presence packages and personal accounts for foreigners.

Allows traders to accept payments on the internet, by phone, fax or mail. Credit and debit cards, bank transfers, instalments - even mobile payments. In any language and most currencies. All through one merchant account, one payment processing system. Charges annual fee plus charges on transfers and card transactions. Click n build shopping cart also charged on a monthly basis.

Lists & Useful Stuff

Google Directory
Listing of UK merchant services and companies.

Online shopping cart system that integrates with various merchant account providers and payment gateways. Range of pricing plans and options available.

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