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News Headline & Ticker Providers

Sources of News Headlines and News Feeds which can be integrated into a webpage with a short piece of html or javascript code, as a java applet, .rss or xml feed. The sites listed below provide free or paid newsfeed options for use on personal, non-profit and commercial websites. links to pages I have designed with working examples like this sites News Section have been listed along with the newsfeed providers url.

News Feeds & Tickers for use on Websites

Absolute Arts
Free specialised Art News headlines for your site using javascript.

Ace Internet
Provides a free UK biased news tickere which is cocntinually updated 24 hours a day with weather, lottery results and more.

Affiliate Wire
Add a customisable scrolling java window or static news headlines constantly updated with the latest affiliate news to your webmaster or marketing website. See the javascript example on the right hand side or visit the Affiliates Page to view examples.

Africa News Search
Free specialised headlines providing news content from Africa. Customisable news is available by adding a link, including news in a page using frames or a scripting language and by including the code for a news search box. RDF/RSS and XML formats are also available.

Anorak UK
This offbeat UK press review site provides free news headlines in RSS Feed format which you may use on your websites.

Free customisable antivirus headline news, security alerts and a real-time, global infection tracking map on your website. Click Here to see working example.

Free consumer news headlines about home appliances for your website. Visit Neat & Trim Cleaning Appliance News to see working example.

Latest free headline news on astronomy and space for your website plus free customisable astronomy search boxes or banners from astronomylinks.

American Atheists
Free news headlines about atheism and other secular issues which can be added to your site as flash line links or RSS feeds.

Aviation News Ticker
Free news ticker from the US aviation industry provided by Copy and paste a small piece of code into your page... easy.

Australian Indian News Ticker
Free localised newsticker with a variety of community and news events headlines specific to the Indian community living in Australia. Easy copy and paste code produces a small horizontal java applet on your page plus email your community event and/or website link for inclusion on their site.

Free headline news stories and other news content in various catagories can be added to your site but beware..... the forum comments and other related are also included ..... not recommended for general use or sites who attract younger surfers.

Baptist News Headlines
Add Free weekly Baptist news headlines or Baptist Press Sports Headlines to your website using a piece of javascript.

Embed dynamic data onto your pages containing quotes, stock ticker, stock index ticker and a commodities ticker.

Webmasters can add USA employee benefit news and abstracts to their site using a frame. Extensive example codes and instructions are provided along with examples.

Blur Headlines
Free scrolling headline news tickers specialising in the band and their music available in two styles (scrolling box or horizonal ticker) plus a Blur Search Box (colours can be changed on the search box code).

BrightSurf Science News Headlines
Free science news feeds wih either 4 titles and a description or 8 headlines added with a few lines of javascript. Ad free and custom headlines are also available for a nominal fee.

Catholic World News
Free box shaped ticker providing catholic news headlines. Registration required to recieve code (also free).

Deadbrain News Headlines
Free fully customisable headline newsfeeds in javascript, plain text and XML format, a javascript/dhtml news ticker and a news search box which enables your visitors to search the article database of this UK site which specialises in news, parody, spoof, satire and humour. Click Here to view working examples.

Defence Data Daily
Free Java based applet that can be added with a few lines of html which scrolls the latest internationl defence and aerospace news.

Domino Power Magazine
Latest news headline feeds on Lotus Notes and Domino Professionals. Various free formats including javascript, html, plain text, RDF and XML available.

No free news but do provide syndicated and bespoke content options available for purchase.

EIN Media Headlines
Free customisable news headlines specific to Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and China. Add the top 10 headlines for your country to your website using the online wizard (although the code preview doesn't appear to work).

Eldis Newsfeeds
Free customisable newsfeed service providing daily updated news on a range of issues important to developing countries. Online wizard and example feeds available.

Includes feeds from Reuters, MarketWatch, Barron's and the Wall Street Journal.

Free newsfeeds available in Javascript or RSS format. Wide range of subjects and customisable options for your website. Site URL and email contact details required for delivery of feed.

Firearm News
Customisable specialist newsfeed on firearms with cut n paste code and optional .css code, also available in RSS format.

Add the Third Alarm News Ticker or web directory search to your website for fire, rescue, EMS and safety headlines.

Fish News
Free horizontal news ticker with the latest fishing headlines from The FishFinder fishing search engine and directory.

Free service for Webmasters, site developers and content providers providing breaking news headlines on the topics of E-Business and Technology. Click Here to see working examples.

Geneanet Genealogical
Provide a free GeneaNet search box and customisable genealogical news headlines for personal websites.

Grist Magazine
Promote environmental issues by adding their free humorous daily news headlines to your website in RSS format.

Add the latest headline news from India to your website.

Free daily USA internet and business news headlines from the major sites can be included on your webpage using a short piece of javascript code which is received by filling out the short online form.

Free daily news that you can put on your site and get paid! Customise some of the various specialist news sections ranging from Terrorism, Hijacking, Politics, Entertainment, Sport, Music, Business, Travel and more to fit in with your site.
Appears to be taking over from a lot of smaller newsfeed suppliers who no longer offer free newsfeeds. Permission is required to post news or newsfeeds although they do provide free feeds via WebReference formatted for Avantgo, Palm, WAP, RSS, Weblog plus a tab generating script is provided to create your own RSS-based sidebar tab.

Labour Newswire
Free customisable worldwide trade union news headlines including country, region or economic sector available in several languages. One small piece of code to cut and paste into your page.

Now known as iClip provides news content for websites in a variety of languages. No longer free but do offer a free trial.

Macworld News headlines available in RSS format

Add the latest magazine headlines with brief descriptions and links to other articles from over 200 catagories in javascript, xml and rss formats. Free and syndication options available. View Electric Blues Club Music Articles for working examples or Select Feed now!

MBS Internet
Free news feeds and articles on the internet, web design, viruses and web marketing can be added to your site using a single piece of code. Click Here to view a working example.

Syndicated news provider with excellent feeds. Used to be free for personal and non-profit sites - now charge a fee for syndication.

NASA News and Calender
Add the latest lift off news direct from NASA onto your site. Javascript codes and instructions which you can customise to fit your site are provided along with an example page and content is also available as an XML feed.

New York Times
Add the New York Times dynamic news headlines free to your site. Complete the online form to receive the code.

Free live news for websites including sports scores, headlines, technology and market standings available as java newsclickers, html news wires or javascript inserts. At last check (Feb 07) the site is up for sale but the clickers are still available.

Free and priced customisable static or scrolling news and weather feeds available in javascript, RSS, PHP, ASP, C#, VB.Net, WDDX, XML RPC, CDF and PERL formats in a wide variety of specialised and general subjects. Click Here to see a working example of the Internet News catagory.

Another once free service now provides specialist paid newsfeeds creation. Part of the Tucows network.

News Index
No longer offer a free news ticker but do have a free news search facility.

News Is Free
Free and premium paid news services including an advanced news aggregator that you can use to create custom pages with your own choice of news sources, headline syndication in RSS format for personal and non-commercial usage and custom paid options for commercial sites.

This once excellent free news provider is now charging for the service. (Registration required)

Free customized news service! Choose the topics and companies you want to follow - searches and categorises top news sources for you and you get a customised NewsPage delivered daily via email and the web.

Phuket Gazette
Free newsfeed in English for Phuket and Thailand - add the latest news headlines, upcoming events or classified ads to your website. Use the mini online wizard to set the background colour and format the feed to fit in with your site.

Free US news headlines and editorials on politics and political issues. Choose from daily, weekly or selected articles by filling in the application form and syndication agreement then adding a piece of javascript code on your page.

Add the latest Russian news headlines (in English) free on your website, direct from the Russian News Agency. Code and instructions are in english (think there is a russian version as well).

PrintWriter Headline News
Contact them to get free headline news on and for the print and publishing industry continuously updated available for use on websites and intranets.

Free home business news headlines for freelancers, self-employed and small businesses using javascript, rss or xml. The site seems to have gone through a re-vamp and although the free syndicated content page is there.

RC Universe
Has aquired Wild Hobbies but still provide some free news headlines plus free events, classified and forum feeds. Copy, paste script into your page and customise the font size, background, text and border colours to fit your site. Instructions for adding the newsfeed directly to your desktop are also provided.

This is the US Reuters site where you may sign up to use their news headlines on your site. The UK Reuters site which provides news and financial news coverage for websites and other media via RSS feeds (uses FeedBurner).

Satire Headlines
Free satirical headline news feed, scrolling ticker or enhanced search box available as simple copy and paste javascript codes or via xml and rss feeds. Choice of font size and number of days of headlines available.

SBC Life Headline News
Click on the 'Add Newsfeed' graphic and fill out the newsfeed sign up form to add monthly Southern Baptist Convention news headlines to your website.

Security Tracker
Free customisable computer and internet related security vulnerability news headlines using Javascript, RSS, XML and HTML available for use by webmasters by filling out the affiliate application form.

Seventh-Day Adventist News Headlines
Free automatically updating news headlines on Seventh-Day Adventist activities available for websites in English and Spanish using one line of javascript code.

Add free science fiction and fantasy monthly news headlines, film reviews, book reviews, interviews to your website using a small piece of javascript code provided as black text for light or white pages and white / yellow text for black or dark coloured sites.

Shareware Music Machine
Contribute or display music related tutorials, news and articles from HitSquad on your website. Once accepted you can browse, copy and paste any article in the news network (linkback to SMM required).

Free daily technology news headlines and articles easily added to your page using a small piece of javascript code or RSS XML feed.

ShortNews Ticker
Free constantly updated and configurable news ticker for websites with content supplied by volunteer journalists who submit stories from all over the internet. Registration is required (free) and various configuration options are available including choice of news channel.

Free news headlines for websites on solar, alternative and other renewable energy sources. Register to receive the html code available in several news box styles or as an RSS feed. Full news content integration with your own branding is also available for a monthly fee.

Sophos Antivirus News Feeds
Install 3 different information feeds about computer viruses, Trojans, worms and hoaxes plus Top 10 virus alerts and hoaxes to your website free of charge. Registration (free) is required, after which they will email you a small piece of HTML code and instructions on how to integrate this into your existing webpage with your own look and feel.

Spatial News
Put the latest GIS/Geo-Spatial & Mobile/LBS Industry news headlines free on your website using a few lines of javascript.

Sports Feed
Free java sports ticker for websites delivers current sports scores and the latest sports news to your webpage!

Sports Network
Sports wire news service provides content to websites via their branding services. Everything from stats to injury reports and more can be included on your website. Not free... contact them for pricing and further details.

Swedish Headline News
Display news headlines from the major Swedish news sites on your website using javascript. (Registration is required and instructions are in Swedish).

The Financials
Request code for adding quotes and charts to your site for free! Quotes update 14 times daily.

The Globe and Mail
Free daily Canadian news headlines and/or search boxes to add to your site with a few lines of html. Various catagories of headlines are available plus stock, car and appointments search boxes. Registration required (free).

The Guardian
Free headline news service available for non commercial websites plus syndicated news content for commercial sites.

The Irish Examiner
RSS news showing the latest daily news headlines provided by The Irish Examiner.

The Smirking Chimp
Customisable free commentary and news headlines for left wing, political websites. Copy and paste a small piece of javascript code to your site - you can also change the amount of headlines from 1 to 25.

TrekToday Headlines
Free Star Trek news headlines for trekkies and related websites. All trek headlines with or without short descriptions are available for addition to your site by using the online form to generate javascript code.

Get the latest Star Trek headlines free on your website. Choose from a list of the top five, ten and fifteen TrekWeb headlines by adding a short line of html code into your webpage. Fill out the online form with your email and website address to receive code and instructions.

Tribune Media Services
Leading media content company that provides syndicated information and entertainment products to print, electronic and on-air media worldwide. Includes FeatureServ, KRT Direct and NewsCom stories, photos, print, animated news, feature graphics, illustrations, caricatures, paginated news, sports and interactive news products. Some articles are released for free use.... see site for details.

Digital content supplier providing syndication, subscription, wireless content to website publishers. Prices available on request.

Vietnam Veterans News Headlines
Add the latest news headlines from free to your website using configurable javascript code or RSS feed. (Instructions for adapting the css file are included on the page.

Welsh News Headlines
Blend the latest news headlines from Wales UK into your site as a text link, graphic button link or custom embedded newsfeed using the online wizard. Customise number of headlines, catagories, background colour, width and font sizes.

What the papers say
This UK site reviews the newspapers and adds their own criticism and comments to their headline news content which you can add to your site free..... visit Neat & Trim Cleaning News Page for working example.

World Net Daily Headlines
Free automatically updated newsfeeds reporting on government waste, abuse and fraud available as news headlines, news and commentary highlights or news search box. Copy and paste codes and examples are provided online.

World Soccer News
Free news headlines can be added to your site via NewsTick World Soccer News for $9.95 a month.

Free newsticker specialising in non-denominational Christian news headlines for your website in small or large size scrolling ticker. Java applet code provided online with instructions for modifying variables to fit your site.
Customisable free articles from Xml which can be added to your site by copying and pasting a line of javascript code into your page. A sample snippet of css code is included on the site which you can use to adjust the look and feel to fit your site. An RSS feed is also provided along with a link to the RSS information center.

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