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Website Optomisation Tools
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Free Website Optomisation Tools

Amazingly fast and handy tools for webmasters; Search Engine Optimizer, Search Engine Position Report, Search Engine Submission, Site (link) popularity and Keyword Density Analyzer.

Free Online Optomisation & Marketing Tools

Advanced Metatag Maker
Automatically creates the meta head tags for your website.

Keyword Density Analyser
Determines the the percentage of keywords on a web page. Looks at not just visible text, but meta tages, links and other elements.

Link Popularity Checkers
Discover how many sites are linking to yours.... how popular is your site!?

Meta Tag Maker (Basic)
This basic meta tag maker automatically creates the title, description, abstract, keywords, robots and rating meta tags for your website.

Meta Tag Maker (Simple)
This simple meta tag maker automatically creates the description and keyword meta head tags for your website.

Search Engine Position Analyser
Check out your websites page rankings on various search engines including Google, Excite, Altavista, and more!

Site Checker
Checks any web page for html, spelling, broken links, performance, and meta tag content.

Check out the free online Design Tools or full list of free stuff for webmasters in the Resources section.

Related Tools & Resources

Free online site validator & viewer plus a bundle of useful resources for webmasters and website designers.

This free service will allow you to test web pages and help expose and repair barriers which prevent pages from being accessed by disabled users.

Link Checker
Enter your url and this neat tool will check all the links on your website then tell you which ones are bad (404) links.
Articles on site optomisation, meta tags, link popularity, doorway pages, website submission, promotion, marketing and monitoring plus search engine listings.

provides free website optimization, promotion and analysis tools to help you improve your website. Our tools help you find broken links, validate HTML, improve meta tags, check spelling and much more.

Webrank Info
Site explains Rankings in Google and provides information on improving your sites visibility in the rankings.

The World Wide Web Consortium provides a wealth of articles and free online tools for webmasters including validators and html tidy tools.

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